Saturday, August 22, 2009

Under Contract


I often wonder if there is such a thing as proper club etiquette. In a place where scantily clad women, men on the prowl, alcoholic beverages and music whose sole purpose is to make that body move are intricately intertwined are there really any hard and fast rules for male/female interaction? For instance, is it okay for a man to ease up on you while you’re on the dance floor and start dancing? Or should he ask you if you would like to dance before he starts bumping and grinding on your butt? However, the one that most intrigues me is the concept of “being under contract.” This term is used in reference to a man who buys a woman a drink and then believes because he spent his hard earned money he has the right to monopolize her time for the rest of the evening. I don’t see anything wrong with buying a woman a drink or wanting to spend a few more minutes holding a conversation with her but if she did not attend the function with you is it fair for a man to stand next to her the entire time she drinks her beverage and continue to do so long after the drink has been consumed? Or would it be more effective to buy the drink, engage in small talk a little while longer, exchange information and then go your separate ways leaving both of your options open for the night. I guess it all depends on the individuals. Sometimes you meet an attractive person who completely piques your interest and you have no desire to see what else the atmosphere has to offer. You may go home feeling like you just met the man of your dreams. Other times you were just being polite when you agreed to dance and although you are quite grateful for the dance, the drink and the somewhat stimulating conversation you really wish he would go away because his time is up. There are other men in the room who deserve the brief pleasure of your company. I actually think a man leaves some room for intrigue when he walks away. Isn't it always in a person's favor to leave their audience wanting more? Plus, it gives both of you less time to say something stupid during the first meeting. We can always chat it up over dinner later in the week. Ladies what do you think?