Sunday, November 8, 2009

Love On the Net

I recently read that actress Essence Atkins (Half and Half, Deliver Us from Eva) wedded a man she met on one of the popular dating service sites, Shortly after this revelation, a co-worker suggested that I consider trying that route for finding Mr. Right. If it worked for her, it might just work for me. I’ve never given it serious consideration; although, I’ve heard several success stories. One of my closest friends met his girlfriend online at and is enjoying their long distance relationship immensely. Another young lady I know met her beau on Yahoo Personals and they were joined in holy matrimony back in September. Perhaps, if I hadn’t had such a bad experience years ago with a gentleman I met on (before it became booty call central), I would be more open to the possibilities of cyberlove. What I took from my ordeal is that people can make themselves into whomever and whatever they want to be on the Internet. So proceed with caution and don’t believe everything you read. However, I think my biggest issue is that to utilize the sites that claim to have a patented compatibility program you have to pay. Paying to find love seems ludicrous to me. I was under the impression that love was one the few things in life that didn’t have a price tag attached to it.

For the most part, I have ignored anyone who has tried to approach me based on what they’ve read on my Facebook or Myspace profile. There have been a couple I gave the green light to and we graduated from online communication to phone conversations and possibly a date. Neither one ended in a love connection but one, I now consider a friend and the other, I grew tired of very quickly after receiving repeated late night invitations to his home before we had even gone out on a date. Needless to say, we were not on the same page. I checked out since it worked for my boy but quickly ruled it out after an ad popped up on the homepage announcing that my perfect sexmate was waiting with the promise of love, sex and no commitment. Is that all people want these days?

Is there actually something to finding love for a fee? Does punching in your preferences and waiting for a program to tell you if the person you are destined to be with resides within their database the way to go? boasts of its success rate and offers a money back guarantee, but I still don’t think I’m ready to take that step. I’d probably move a lot faster if someone else were footing the bill. For now, I’ll keep getting cute when I go to the grocery store. Maybe my soul mate will bump into me while we’re both reaching for my addiction, Little Debbie chocolate cupcakes. I don’t need a patented compatibility system for that.