Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Need A Husband? Learn Chinese.

There is nothing sexier than an attractive, intelligent black man with a banging body. However, according to an ABC News report the eligible black male is an endangered species and more and more African American women are finding themselves husbandless well into their 30’s. Forty percent of black women in America are currently single. According to them, lack of education, unemployment, incarceration and those already taken off the market through marriage has left many of us wondering if we will ever have the opportunity to don that coveted white dress. Being a single black woman and a student of journalism, I didn’t have too great of a panic attack. I know sensationalism sells but after seeing the report I did start thinking. As a child, my prince charming was always a direct reflection of me but what if Mr. Right doesn’t come in a beautiful brown-skinned package? I’m not opposed to interracial dating but I have yet to do it. I can only think of twice in my life I was even asked out by a man of a different race. One was white and the other was Vietnamese. The first was only in town for one day and I was swamped with work and politely declined his invitation to dinner at the Rendevous. Now, I wish I had because he was here doing an article on the late legendary entertainer Rufus Thomas for GQ Magazine and probably would have been a great contact. And who knows--a love connection might have been made. The other was just too young for me. I don’t care what color you are, I wasn’t going to be a college sophomore dating a high school senior. Although, I greatly admired his ambition and adoration of me.

Well, this week the internet is a buzz with the news that China, due to their population control tactics and gender specific abortions, is on a course to having a severe shortage of women readily available for marriage. They estimate 24 million men will be without a wife by the year 2020. I find it sad, laughable and interesting that in their quest to swell the population with what they believed was the more desired, stronger gender, those in rural areas began aborting fetuses once they realized it was going to have a vagina and now more vaginas are exactly what they need. See what happens when you try to do God’s job for him? He shows us who is really in control and makes us look dumb in the process.

What do you think ladies? Are you opposed to flying the friendly skies in order to land a husband? I have a feeling that dating sites are going to receive a huge surge in clientele among the Chinese in an effort to make sure that Chinese men don’t experience what the media says we sisters are experiencing now. So, if you had your heart set on a Mandingo warrior, maybe you should start fantasizing about Jackie Chan, Jet Li or Chow Yun Fat instead. The blending of cultures isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and I can almost guarantee you’ll have some pretty babies. I wonder if they like fried chicken and candied yams?

Keep hope alive my sisters. Prince charming does exist but we may have to step outside our comfort zones and perhaps learn Chinese in order to meet him. But I still believe there’s nothing sexier than an attractive, intelligent black man with a banging body.

**After several comments on my Facebook page I feel compelled to point out that this blog was written tongue in cheek. It was meant to give people something to think about. Although Chinese men and African American women getting together may seem like a logical answer several cultural issues would have to be addressed before this could actually happen. However, anything is possible.(-:


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