Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I Need A Moment

I didn’t know his name
Only a man in a crowd sharing his thoughts out loud
His face, his words, his smile all intrigued me
He seemed nice, he spoke nice, the movements of his sculpted body were definitely niiiiiiiiice
I looked at him harder trying to tell if those outward attributes were an indication of the person within
Were his nice words laced with venom
Was that smile more of a devilish grin
Were those movements part of a calculated plot to deceive
I asked myself why do I think the worst of a man I don’t even know
Why can’t I believe him to be good as easily as I questioned if he is 
I asked myself what happened to that wide-eyed girl who used to believe the positive before assuming the negative
Did she meet too many serpents
Did she taste too many forbidden fruits to the point where it made her ill
I must break this fever and calm these chills
Take several breaths
Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale
Now open your eyes and look again at that stranger who has done you no wrong
I need a moment to remember what I used to know

When you find yourself becoming disenchanted with all men because of one man take a break from dating. All men aren't bad. You just ran into the wrong one.

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