Thursday, December 29, 2011

Weekend Revelations

New Year's Eve is party time for a lot of  people. We all deserve to get out and enjoy ourselves but in every experience there is an observation to be made or a lesson to be learned. I decided to share the thoughts I had after a weekend of partying with friends. After this weekend, tell me if you can relate.

1. Some people really should look in the mirror before they start talking about others. Is that why you came to the club? To talk about EVERYBODY. You could have saved your money and sat in the parking lot.

2. Obnoxious drinkers should NEVER get drunk.

3. I’m too old to be kickin it until 5 a.m. 

4. Some men truly are big kids with a driver’s license and a job. 

5. Thank God I'm not the Cougar in the club....yet. Age appropriate clothing should be mandatory in some settings.

6. I still fail to realize why some men have a fascination with pulling a woman’s hair. That mess is just irritating to me. How can you expect me to enjoy myself if you're pulling on my hair? That hurts and you're messing up the hairstyle I paid my hard earned money to get. (And no I wasn’t doing that. Get your mind out the gutter!)

7. I know I’m in the wrong age bracket of company when the DJ asks all the 80’s babies to put their hands in the air.

8. There are way too many songs out about some woman shaking her booty. How many ways can you make your a** clap. UGH! 

9. If I ever get sloppy drunk (which I doubt will happen) and you are my friend please escort me from the club before I embarrass myself.  That's sooo not sexy. If you're going to drink, please drink responsibly. 

Wishing you a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!

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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Pretty Packages

I’ve always been a fan of the simple things and recently while having dinner with an old friend from college he revealed to me that he didn’t know how to wrap presents. For years he had been buying gifts and then finding a close friend or family member to wrap them. I found that hilarious because this man has an MBA. He can program your computer, help run a department within a multi-billion dollar company and change his own oil but can’t wrap a simple box in colorful paper. He said in the past his brother tried to show him but it didn’t go very well.  After dinner, I brought him to my house to give him a quick lesson.

Wrapping gifts truly is a simple task and he mastered it with ease. The smile of accomplishment on his face as he wrapped the presents he bought earlier in the day was priceless.  I must say those were some really nice gifts he purchased. I’m sure the recipients will love them. He gave me a hug of gratitude and was on his way with his beautifully wrapped gifts in hand to play Santa Clause for his loved ones.

After he left, I thought about those packages and how they relate to people. How many of us spend hours putting pretty packaging on our bodies leaving others to wonder what lies beneath. If someone took the time to peel back the designer clothes, make-up and whipped hair dos what would they find? Is there anger, pain, or other emotional turmoil, financial stress, or untreated health issues that have been there for years and the owner of it is too afraid or refuses to address it. Or would they see something even more beautiful that what’s on the outside? A happy person, who has taken the time to invest in themselves in order to make sure they can adequately take care of themselves and the people they love. When trouble rears its head she addresses it properly in order to resume her happy life. Those problems she can fix she does and those she can’t, she learns to deal with. Only you can answer that question but as we go into the New Year let’s continue to work on ourselves…growing and improving every step of the way. We all have issues but the key is to deal with them, not sweep them under the rug and hope no one notices.  I don’t ever want anyone to get to know me and say I’m just a pretty package.

Jae Henderson is an author of the inspirational romance novel, Someday. Visit her at

Saturday, December 17, 2011