Thursday, December 29, 2011

Weekend Revelations

New Year's Eve is party time for a lot of  people. We all deserve to get out and enjoy ourselves but in every experience there is an observation to be made or a lesson to be learned. I decided to share the thoughts I had after a weekend of partying with friends. After this weekend, tell me if you can relate.

1. Some people really should look in the mirror before they start talking about others. Is that why you came to the club? To talk about EVERYBODY. You could have saved your money and sat in the parking lot.

2. Obnoxious drinkers should NEVER get drunk.

3. I’m too old to be kickin it until 5 a.m. 

4. Some men truly are big kids with a driver’s license and a job. 

5. Thank God I'm not the Cougar in the club....yet. Age appropriate clothing should be mandatory in some settings.

6. I still fail to realize why some men have a fascination with pulling a woman’s hair. That mess is just irritating to me. How can you expect me to enjoy myself if you're pulling on my hair? That hurts and you're messing up the hairstyle I paid my hard earned money to get. (And no I wasn’t doing that. Get your mind out the gutter!)

7. I know I’m in the wrong age bracket of company when the DJ asks all the 80’s babies to put their hands in the air.

8. There are way too many songs out about some woman shaking her booty. How many ways can you make your a** clap. UGH! 

9. If I ever get sloppy drunk (which I doubt will happen) and you are my friend please escort me from the club before I embarrass myself.  That's sooo not sexy. If you're going to drink, please drink responsibly. 

Wishing you a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!

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