Monday, February 20, 2012

My Online Dating Experience

I recently signed up for one of those online dating sites, but after three days I am deleting my account. My sister suggested I try it since I don’t seem to be having any luck in the Memphis dating pool. Perhaps, my ideal man isn’t in any of the places I frequent or perhaps, he isn’t even in Memphis. I know she just wants me to be happy, but this isn’t for me. Honestly, I can’t take this thing seriously and part of me is scared to put myself out there like that with perfect strangers. In the past, I’ve dated men I met on Black Planet (yeah that was YEARS ago) and Facebook and none of them ended with happily ever after. So maybe there’s a little online hating there. I realized that I can’t get a feel for a guy based off a picture and a profile on a screen. I need to meet a man in person and be able to make an instant analysis of whether or not I'm wasting my time. It is a major let down when you chat online or talk on the phone for days building up anticipation and then meet the man you thought you had a good vibe with and there is no chemistry.

In three days I’ve had about 30 messages from men ranging from mid-twenties to men who could easily pass as my granddaddy. Most of them start off with “Hi. How are you?” and then some remark about how they find me attractive.  Some contain a phone number. Although I find that very flattering, I haven’t been moved by any of them.

Quite a few of the pictures I see have been comic relief for me, and I’ve probably already pissed a few people off. Because I have been a victim of embarrassing misspellings myself, I had to tell the gentleman who said he was carring, loveing and inteligent that he may want to correct that. I would hate for him to run Mrs. Right away based on typos or his lack of spell check. All I could do is laugh at the guy who took a picture of himself hugging his dog in bed. I’m not quite sure what to think about that, but he was FINE as all get out. Maybe I should envy the dog instead of laugh at him. One young man saw fit to post pictures of his momma on his personal profile. Not him and his momma but his momma in a picture by herself. I have always said I wanted a man who was crazy about his momma. My philosophy is if a man will mistreat the woman who brought him into the world, he won’t think twice about dogging about some poor unrelated woman.  Maybe I should give him a chance. LOL One man who sent me a message said he was looking for a Lil Kim on his profile. This led me to wonder if I was wearing too much make up in the pictures I posted because there is nothing Lil Kimmish about me. Why would anyone want a has been female rapper who has had waaaay too much plastic surgery anyway? There have been some cuties sending me notes, but I don’t think I’m mature enough for online dating yet. I’ll keep taking my chances on the streets of Memphis. I have actually been on a couple of good dates lately. Wish me luck!

Oh, Happy Belated Valentine's Day To All Of You!

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