Wednesday, March 7, 2012

When the Cover Doesn't Match the Contents

I was recently at the gas station and a man who looked like Lil Wayne’s cousin Poochie approached me. He had unkempt dreads, a bottom gold grill, his top teeth were brown and he had multiple tats on his face, neck and hands. His conversation centered around trying to get my number, but it was one of the most entertaining debates about why he couldn’t have my number I have ever had. Every reason I gave him he came back with an intelligent, articulate and hilarious answer. My reasoning was I'm taken and I don't need any new friends. No, I won't take your number. I can take care of myself and us getting to know each other would only lead to trouble. Yes, I was lying but that is easier to make a persistent man understand than you are not my type. Trust me, I've had that conversation and it often leads to someone being offended and possibly being called a five letter word simply because you don't want to talk to him. Anyway......throughout the conversation I found myself smiling and laughing loudly and wishing I had some teeth whitener. I was quite impressed with his reasoning skills but no deals. After about ten minutes, he gave up with a smile, and I shook my head as he walked back to his car with his pants almost to his knees and his plaid boxers showing.

His cover definitely didn’t match his contents. I actually enjoyed his conversation and he might have been a lot of fun but I know when I’m out of my circle. On to the next one……..there’s a Nicki Minaj out there somewhere just for him. I wonder if there is a guy out there who looks like Shemar Moore who can impress me just as much. 

Jae Henderson is the author of the inspirational romance novels Someday and Someday, Too. 

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