Tuesday, May 8, 2012

In the Company of My Sisters

My weekend at the Romance Slam Jam book conference in Little Rock, Arkansas was nothing short of amazing. Nothing but God could have led me to such an amazing event with amazing people, mostly women, who love reading as much as I do. Not only do they love reading but some of them write and they love it enough to invest their money traveling to improve themselves and support others. WHEW!

The cover of my book, "Someday"  was nominated for an award and even though I didn't win it was an honor to be nominated. I served on panels with authors like Brenda Jenkins---who is an icon in the romance novel industry.Can you believe someone was actually interested in something I had to say. LOL  I met bestsellers like Gweneth Bolton.  During the author signing, I sat on the same row as Francis Ray. If I didn’t mention you please don’t think you were any less significant to me.  I didn’t see any egos, divas or jealous Jennies anywhere. Just women who love romance novels and wanted to have a good time! I felt such a warm camaraderie in the company of my sisters. Of course there was a man sprinkled here and there, but mostly it was wonderful, beautiful talented women.  What I remember most is their warm hugs, kind smiles and, and willingness to give advice to a new author, like myself. It’s weeks later, and I’m still reeling from it and putting what I learned to use. That weekend was confirmation that I'm on the right track in my quest to pursue full-time authorship.

THANK YOU Romance Slam Jam and I special thank you to Garbo Hearne of Pyramid Books, Fine Art and Custom Framing for bring me to the attention of the host committee. 

I hope to see you all in Milwaukee next year!

 My Side of the Single Life is by book author Jae Henderson. Her books, Someday and Someday, Too are now available on Kindle and Nook.
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