Friday, October 12, 2012

Is Your Entertainment Screwing You?

As much as I enjoy this song Brandy has clearly defined one of the things wrong with dating today in her hit Put It Down. The chorus states, “If you put it down right like the way I want it, play your cards right, maybe we can fall in love.” She and Chris Brown sing an interesting tale of sex before substance, which has ruined many an uninformed participant. I would rather know what’s in a brother’s head way before he ever gets to what’s in between my legs. If getting a piece of me is the only thing on his mind, then we have nothing to talk about. I choose substance before sex.

Following the lyrics of Brandy’s program, I predict that a woman will become sprung, confusing great sex for love. Eventually, the man will get bored and leave because the excitement has worn off and she presented no challenge. Now she's sitting up in her room all heartbroken. I know what you’re saying…it’s just a song, Jae. But I guarantee there is are women out there shouting HELLS YEAH! when it comes on then challenging some man to put it down before she even knows his first and last name. Think ladies! No worries, I'm not picking on Brandy. There are a plethora of songs, tv shows, movies, and books touting this doomsday message. Remember Sex in the City? Listen to almost any Lil Wayne or Nicki Minage song. They're always praising their sexual prowess/promiscuity. If it's true or not I don't know, but I don't care. Their message isn't one I choose to adhere to. Giving away coochie like election "Vote for (insert name here)" stickers isn't good for anyone.

Don’t get screwed by your entertainment! People make those songs to sell product and they shouldn't be a handbook for how to operate in your relationships. Getting screwed and then feeling as if you've been used and abused is no fun, but it happens every day. Make him get to know you before you give up the goodies.

Well, until next time....remember to love yourself!

Random Thought…Can Kelly Rowland make a hit song that isn’t about sex? ICE..I-C-E. Keep this up she’ll be the modern day Adina Howard. I will be a freak until the day until the daaaaaaawn....LOL

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