Monday, October 29, 2012

Why You Worried About That Other Chick?

I knew I was in trouble when I asked the handsome young man sitting next to me at the bar if he was seeing anybody and he answered, “Do you like Lil Wayne? I love Lil Wayne."

I wondered where he could possibly be going with that. He let me know quite quickly. 

"You know that song out right now where he says, 'Why you worried about that other chick?'”

“Yes. That’s the one with Keyshia Cole, right?” I responded.

Yeah,” he said. “Why you worried about that other chick?”

I laughed. Buzz kill of the evening. This gentleman previously asked me if I was seeing anyone and I answered open and honestly that I wasn’t but when I asked him I get a Lil Wayne inspired answer. This is the same dude who has tattoos over at least 75% of his body, has at least four children by four different women and talks about sex with no commitment regularly in his songs, right?  Lil Wayne is probably not someone he should be quoting when trying to get at a woman like me. Yet, I was amused that he would go there. At this point I can….. 

      A.  Tune him out because he’s obviously hiding something 
      B. Resolve to take this evening at face value and his advice and not worry about that other chick
      CBadger him until I get an answer
I chose option B. It’s obvious he’s hiding someone but I was enjoying his company. He had decent conversation and a nice smile. Besides, I was having a purely innocent exchange while sitting at the bar in some random restaurant. I had no expectations so disappointment wasn't an issue. I think he thought he was being witty with his Lil Wayne response..I’ll just blame it on the a-a-a-a-a-alcohol and give him a pass. Now, if he were to attempt to take it a step further and asked me out and I chose the ignore the signs that he possibly had a girlfriend, wife or baby’s momma then I would have to be prepared for the consequences that could incur. However, I don’t anticipate that happening. I’ve never been one for playing the side chick.

So he’s right, why am I worried about that other chick because I probably won’t see him again. Before the night ended he did ask me to accompany him to another restaurant that was hosting a party that evening but I politely declined. He wasn't the least bit upset about my refusal and even paid for my drink and my meal. 

Nice guy....but obviously off limits.

In the words of Keyshia Cole, "I ain't staying..." #thatisall 

It shole is hard being single in the city...LOL

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