Thursday, November 22, 2012

I Second That Steve Harvey

A recent Strawberry Letter embraced the topic of celibacy on The Steve Harvey Morning Show. He and Shirley Strawberry gave some excellent advice. I especially love the way Steve broke down that the way the writer was operating was detrimental to her desire to find the right man. If I may add my two cents…. celibacy shouldn’t feel like a death sentence. Yes, it gets hard at times. Yet, the period in your life when you are not getting it in is a time for self-reflection, meditation, and fellowship with God. Essentially, you have given yourself to God. If you can’t give God you cheerfully then you really need to re-examine your reasons for being celibate. I personally am a very happy, and I am experiencing more peace than I ever have as a single woman. I only date men who respect my views and are worth my time. You can save yourself a lot of heartache that way.

Listen to their commentary here

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  1. Hi! I didn't get a chance to listen to this commentary, but thank you for providing the information about celibacy! This is such an under-discussed topic. I, for one, believe in the whole celibacy issue, even though I, myself struggled with this before marriage. It is difficult to do, but when you understand God's design for marriage, it makes so much more sense. I recently met a forty one year old virgin, (she's never married) who wrote an amazing book on celibacy. It's entitled: "The Big V: Victory in Virginity: A Celebration of Celibacy..." by Nicole Johnson... It was sooooooooo empowering, even for a married woman such as myself... Thank you for re-affirming that celibate women do still exist!

  2. You are very welcome Connie! Be sure to check out my novels, Someday and Someday, Too. They have other inspiring messages.