Sunday, December 8, 2013

Dear Santa: Change the Single Perception

Single: A complete person, separate and distinct, with the ability to function without a mate.

Dear Santa:

I’m a bit too old to go to the mall, sit on your lap, and tell you what I want for Christmas so I’m writing you this letter. Don’t worry, I’m not going to ask for an iPod, tablet, new car, or something else I could afford to get myself. I need something a bit more complicated. I want you to change the perception of being single. That is something that myself and thousands of other singles could use. Especially, around the holidays.
I’d like to meet a man and not have him ask me, “Sooo, why are you single,” as if I'm hiding some deep dark secret.  I would most certainly like to go to a family function and not have someone think they need to pity me because I showed up alone. I’d like to not pay more in taxes because I don’t have a spouse or any dependents. Okay, scratch that, even I know that the IRS is beyond your jurisdiction.

However, for some reason if you are over the age of 25 society believes you should be married. God forbid if you’re over 35. All of sudden you will find yourself thrust into the abominable sisterhood of old maid, spinster, or the cat lady. Not to mention the plethora of people who will try to diagnose your problem and ask probing questions to determine if you are mentally ill, have unresolved daddy issues from childhood, or a bitch just because  no one has wifed you up. I don’t want to be asked again if I’ve ever been close to getting married or if I’ve ever been engaged. Surely, someone must have wanted me in years past, right? Before I got over the hill, my boobs started sagging, and I needed dentures. (Btw, I'm only 37)  I don’t want to see any more studies about how it’s so hard for black women to find a man.
In the Bible, James says that it is good to be single but I'm not sure anyone believes him. Regrettably, it would seem that it is better to be unhappily married to an adulterer, liar, or trifling bastard than to be single and fabulous. I know several people who are married and miserable. Why should I join those ranks? Oh yeah, so I can get a break on my taxes, a gift on Valentine's Day, and our anniversary! No, thanks. And no, I'm not against marriage. Marriage can be bliss when you are with the right person.

I’ve finally reached a point in my maturity where I’m okay with not having a ring on my finger. It would be nice if the rest of the world was too. I want people to congratulate me when I inform them that I’m single and having a ball in my singleness. I don’t consider it a bad thing if I want to go out and I don’t need to call and see if my hubby has plans for us that night. If I want chicken for dinner, I don’t have to see if he wants that too. My house is the way I left it when I get home and my money stays in my account until I get ready to spend it.
I recognize that people who love me only want the best for me but being married  for the sake of being married isn’t best for me or the poor man whose blood pressure I would make shoot through the roof. Let them know that I will get married when the right man comes along and until then LEAVE ME ALONE!

So, I ask you to grant me this simple Christmas wish and if you can’t do it for the entire year at least do it from now until February 16th. I added a couple of days for those who like to flaunt their Valentine’s Day gifts in front of others and say stupid crap like Happy Single Awareness Day!
Oh and one more thing.  I also want permission to slap the taste of the mouth of the next person who asks, “Why you ain’t got no man?” without fear of going to jail. Do you think you can hook that up, Santa? I would be eternally grateful. I'll leave extra cookies out for you.



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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Life Is A Riddle: You Won't Always Get the Answer Right

I recently participated in the riddle game going around Facebook and lost. The punishment was to put picture of a giraffe as my profile picture for three days. Those in my FB family know that my profile picture is usually myself, my book cover(s), or a flyer about an upcoming event I would like people to support. At any rate, I use my profile picture for the good of myself and those in my network. All of a sudden because I didn’t get the answer to a question right I was being asked to put up something that was of no significance to me. I’ll be honest. I didn’t want to. It thought to myself, Ain’t no ugly giraffe going up on my page.  I even thought about not doing it at all but nobody likes a sore loser. So, I sat down and devised a plan to make this giraffe work in my favor. This is what I came up with below.

This little beauty now contains a message that tells people my books are good and contains the title of my last novel. And it’s cute, too.
Life is a riddle of sorts. We get asked to answers questions all that time.What job should I take? What school should I attend? Where should I invest my hard earned money? Should I date him? We won’t always get the answer right. If we choose wrongly or unwisely there are consequences to pay. However, the key is to take whatever situation we find ourselves in and make it work to our benefit. So, instead of a crisis what we have are continuous opportunities to step outside of our comfort zone and do a new thing in our own lives.
I’ve already received several compliments on my giraffe. I hope it has garnered some additional attention for my books. However, like so many situations we find ourselves in, it’s only temporary. Don't panic. Adapt. 
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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Eight Reasons You Shouldn’t Have a Threesome

It's been a while and I decided to do something lighthearted tonight. Enjoy!

If you actually pay attention to the so called sexperts anything goes as long as you wear a condom. Well that's a lie from the pit of hell if there ever was one. Here are eight reasons that one on one is in everybody's best interest.

1. That’s one extra person you’ll have to kill in order to keep your secret safe.

2. If you get a STD you will have to cuss them both out and one of them probably won’t deserve it. You also give the person who did give it to you the option to deny it and lay the blame on the other person.*

3. That will be two other people in the locker room giving the play by play of your sexscapade instead of the usual one. In my opinion, if a man will willingly share you he doesn't love you. Protect your rep!

4. If you opt not to kill them that’s two people you’ll have to bribe or blackmail to keep your secret safe.

5. If you die the next day (or during or immediately afterward) there’s little to no chance you can convince God that you accidentally slept with two people at the same time. I suggest you incorporate drugs and alcohol in there somewhere but you still probably won’t make it into heaven. Stay away from gasoline draws!

6. If you get pregnant and don’t know who the father is you might as well stamp whore across your forehead. Defend your actions all you want but that is what everyone will be thinking as soon as you share why you don't know who yo baby daddy is. Appearing on Paternity Test Tuesday, Maury and Jerry Springer don't

7. That’s just nasty! You don’t share toothbrushes, underwear, washcloths, drug needles, and sex partners.

8. If you make a video it will probably get leaked on the internet about the time you're up for a promotion, about to run for public office, get married, or answer you calling from God.  #hatersgonehate

##BONUS 9. One of them may be selfish and or crazy. (See article above.)

*Do your homework....not all STDs are spread by an exchange of bodily fluids. Some can be spread by merely having contact with your skin. Meaning condoms don't protect you from everything.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Who Knew?

I recently told a male suitor that a friend of mine was giving away a dog and the adorable Yorkie was coming to spend the weekend with me to see how we got along. If things went well, I would become his new owner. My suitor responded, "I must not be spending enough time with you. I'll try to come over more often."

How in the world did "I want a dog" translate into "I want more time from you"? It's true that I want a dog because a pet would bring more life to this single woman's domicile of mine. I wouldn't mind at all coming home and having someone jumping up and down with glee from my arrival. However, I never thought that meant that I was lonely for a man's attention. It meant I WANT A DOG. It never ceases to amaze me how the male brain computes information. Maybe he doesn't like dogs. Is pet owner the new definition of lonely? I always thought that was the chick with six dogs and seven cats who lets them all sleep with her and has pet hair on her whenever you see her. Then she has the nerve to wonder why she never has a man.

Although, if I had known all I had to do was threaten to get a pet and men would come around more often I would have used that one quite some time ago. Put that in your arsenal for future use ladies.

Who Knew????

P.S. I didn't get the dog. They decided not to give it away.

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

That Darn Thing Called Closure

"A women who knows her true value will only put up with a man's nonsense for so long. 
You either get right or get left."--Harriet Morgan

I recently ended a relationship. It ended abruptly because I was fed up with repeated less than desirable behavior.  There was no “Baby, we need to talk, AGAIN. Can you meet me somewhere? Explain to me what’s going on with you.” There was just a fed up voicemail and a nonresponsive man. After I calmed down, I asked if could we discuss what happened. I wanted and needed closure. My request went unanswered. I wanted to know why he would continue behaviors he knew were detrimental to our relationship. We talked about them several times, he apologized and said he would do better. He didn’t. Was he purposely trying to get me to end things. If so, why? This was a man who spent months trying to woo me only to push me away three months later. Was he fed up with me? Bored with our relationship? Had he met someone else? Did I do something wrong I was unaware of? Did I stink? Did I have an onslaught of boogers in my nose? Why all of sudden did Mr. Dependable, I Can’t Get Enough Of You become Mr. I’ll See Ya When I See Ya And If I’m Not Coming I May Or May Not Tell You? His change was so instant and I was so unprepared. I don't claim to have responded in the best manner, but we all have our breaking point. It seems I will never get the answers to these questions because he won’t talk to me. Even if he did, I run the risk of not liking what he has to say. Maybe it’s better this way. I’ll just have to charge this one to the game and move on with the knowledge that everything happens for a reason.

Why do we need this polite finality called closure? I think it’s more important to women that it is to men. We want it even when we know that an understanding for why things happened the way they did won’t change the outcome. However, you can’t get closure unless the other person is willing to talk to you. Oh well……moving on. 

I remember years ago Gerald Levert put out the song above. That darn thing called closure keeps you from walking away without giving what you lost a second thought even when you know it's over and done with. I feel ya Gerald. I most certainly feel you.

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Monday, May 6, 2013

Rainy Day Inspirations

I don’t write poetry often but I was inspired by the rain beating against my window recently. Enjoy!


I took a stroll in the rain today
I wanted to feel the tears of God cascade down my body as I shed my own
I needed Him to wash away the pain I felt because of the things that man said and did to me
The lies
The empty promises
Meaningful words like future, love, mine that he threw about so carelessly
I took a stroll in the rain today
The cold wetness didn’t compare to the chill I felt when I realized that I was alone yet again
Alone isn’t so bad but lonely is torture
Starting over is the last thing I want to do
I took a stroll in the rain today
My heart hummed a song
The rain as it hit the ground kept time
The cars whizzing by were my off key band
My feet as they trudged along added timbre
My song was sad with a twinge of hope
No one heard it but me and God
I took a stroll in the rain today 
So I could ask God a question
He said you always pray and ask me to remove the men from your life who aren’t right for you
Then when I do you cry
I took a stroll in the rain today
To feel God’s embrace as He kept me safe

Have you seen my latest television interview on Fox 13 News Good Morning Memphis. Check it out here. 

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Dear Ray J: Negro Puhleeeeease!

And the Negro Puhleeeeeeease Award for this month goes to Ray J! I’m behind on my current events posts but I just had to add my two cents on Ray J’s latest failed attempt at musical success, “I Hit it First”. If he was going to put out such a tasteless song the least he could do was make it worth listening to. The song is horrible and it is because of that reason it left as quickly as it came. It seems that rather than generating record sales and airplay longer than two days, all it generated was ire and backlash for its creator. Ray J quickly went in damage control mode and claimed that the song wasn’t about Kim. Negro Puhleeeeeease! Sorry sir, but nobody bought that crap! The cover for the single was a pixelated picture of Kim in a bikini. Did you really think that no one would catch that? I think the song is incredible disrespectful to a woman he once loved or at least cared for. It makes me wonder if Kim did something to upset him other than move on and become a huge success. Did she possibly break his little heart? Who knows.

Furthermore, recent reports have stated that Ray J is engaged. If that’s true and if I were his fiancee I would be livid that he was investing that much time and energy into an ex-girlfriend. She should be the only woman he’s singing about. 

In my opinion, the best part of this entire ordeal was that Kim nor Kanye made any public comments about the song. That would only have added fuel to the fire and given Ray J exactly what he wants—attention. Kanye who is known for his outbursts exercised restraint and censorship when it was most needed. As a fellow artist, he could have done a response song and annihilated Ray J since he is far more talented and successful. Although I have a feeling Kanye’s not going to let him get away with this. He’s just being methodical about how he comes for his throat.

Others celebrities have gotten revenge successfully when attacked by other artists. I will never forget when Mariah Carey kicked Eminem’s butt with her hit “Obsessed” as a response to his frequent referrals to their brief courtship.  She even put a character with some resemblance to Eminen  in the video. Later, reports came out that their courtship was brief and the two didn’t even have sex. They must have shared one heck of a kiss for Em to continue to talk about her after she was married to Nick Cannon. That song stayed at the top of the charts for weeks! I’m sure Christina Aguilera and Brittany Spears, two other women Eminem attacked in songs for no apparent reason, jumped for joy.

I hope Ray J finds what he needs to be at peace with himself. The song made him appear jealous, immature, petty, and bitter. It also makes you wonder if he did release their sex tape to catapult his career, which he denies. If so, it backfired and made Kim and her entire immediate family a multi-million dollar sensation and him that dude she used to mess with. I guess his reality shows “For the Love of Ray J” and “A Family Business” wasn’t enough to quench his thirst for entertainment domination.

So, Dear Ray J: Just like every man who is still rocking cornrows, I need you to let it go and move on to something else. You're too cute to behave so ugly.

Although I don’t like what he did I don’t hate Ray J. Once upon a time I really enjoyed his music. Here’s a some links to a couple of my favorite songs by him, One Wish and the one he did with Lil, Kim, Wait a Minute. They're much better than that garbage he just release,which I refuse to post. You'll have to Google that one on your own.

One Wish

Wait A Minute 

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Friday, April 19, 2013

The Gum Test: It Still Doesn't Make Much Sense

I decided to recycle one of my favorite dating posts from back in the day. ENJOY!

 I have always heard people say that the club is not a good place to meet a potential mate. However, I was one of those people who believed that Cupid can decide to draw back his bow and strike two unsuspecting single people at anyplace and anytime. However, as I age I am beginning to think that those other people were right.  Recently, while standing at the bar at a local club and waiting to order an amaretto sour an attractive gentleman asked me if I had some gum in my purse. I had put some in my day purse but when I switched to my adorable black leather clutch for the evening I neglected to deposit it in the new bag. I politely informed him that I did not have any and after this revelation this gentleman who doesn't know me at all felt the need to school me in purse preparation. The convo went something like this.

Him: “A lady is always supposed to have some gum, mints or candy in her purse.”

Me: “Oh really. Why is that?”

Him: “A woman is supposed to have those things in case her man needs them. He might need to take care of his breath.”

Me: “Well, why can’t he supply his own gum since it’s his breath?"

Him: “You’re supposed to have it.”

I could tell this was going to go no where so I decided to let him believe that mess instead of debating the issue. I really wasn't in the mood. He was cute, yes…..stimulating, no.

I then proceeded to watch him order a shot of Patron and a Corona. While waiting on his drinks he makes that same idiotic statement again. I just said, “ok” and hoped the bartender would give him his drinks quickly because this "lecture" had gotten old really fast. The bartender hands him his drinks and right before he turns to go he turned to me again and said in a serious tone accompanied by a most serious face. “For real tho’ a woman is supposed to have gum in her purse. Some men use that as a test.” A test for what? I thought but instead of making the inquiry I replied, “So, if I fail then what?” He shrugged and said, “Then that’s on you,” and walked away.

I have a feeling that I had just been given the gum test by this strange but attractive man and failed. Maybe he looked so serious because he was disappointed? I really don’t care because if that’s his way of selecting women then we’re probably not very compatible.  I prefer a more complex test like his ability to hold an intelligent conversation without staring at a woman's breasts or whether he says something about sex right off the bat. However, I would still like to know what unscientific conclusion he could possibly draw from whether or not a woman has gum in her purse. The only logical answer I can come up with is it makes it highly unlikely her breath is funky? I've never been very good at thinking like a man. Maybe I should get Steve Harvey's book to get some insight. 

No wonder so many people are turning to online dating!

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Friday, April 12, 2013

Celibacy IS NOT A Dating Death Sentence


I recently read a column in The Root concerning a young lady who was seeking advice from Life Coach Demetria Lucas as she struggled to remain celibate. I like the advice Ms. Lucas gave. However, I found myself feeling a little cynical of the writer as I read it. She seemed to see celibacy as some type of dating death sentence and claimed her celibacy was the reason she hadn't had a date in years.

I know it isn't easy. Resisting temptation rarely is. If it was easy everybody would do it, but the fact is that when a person decides to become celibate they do so for a reason. Those reasons should not only align with your faith but your personal happiness. Why do it if you are going to constantly complain about how hard it is? You are defeating the purpose. That's like becoming a Christian then always whining about your life is boring, you never have any fun anymore, you hate giving a portion of your income to the church but God is good! Hallelujah! (Insert praise dance here) Makes no sense, right?  You can't draw anybody to Christ like that! If you are celibate, you can't experience spiritual enlightenment and grow closer to Christ like that. You can't become a shining example for why celibacy can be a good thing like that. You also darn sure can't attract a mate like that. Someone can detect "unhappy with myself", "I got issues and should be in counseling", and "upset and horny as hell cause I ain't getting any" pretty quickly.

I am not without sympathy for the plight of the writer. I have moments when I question my decision to become celibate, too. I even considered giving it up myself. It's not for everyone. However, I always come back to the peace I have gained from being in the will of God and the wisdom and clarity I experience when my dating judgement isn't convoluted with the sexual high you get when a brother is laying it down better than a railroad worker lays tracks. I don't have to worry about unplanned pregnancies and STDs. Not to mention, it's the best repellent for men who just want to hit that I know.

Celibacy doesn't prevent you from getting a date. I rarely have a problem with getting a date. They won't all be prime candidates for marriage but you may get some great conversation and company from them. That's going to happen whether or not you are having sex. Also, there are celibate men out there who will respect your decision because they are walking along the same path.

Bottom line...God loves a cheerful giver whether it's your tithes and offering or your body. Can I get an Amen?

My advice to her is re-examine why you became celibate. If those reasons are no longer valid and you are miserable do what you feel you need to do to be happy. At the end of the day, you are the one who has to live with your decision. God still loves us even when we sin but that should never be an excuse to induldge in sin. We will all be judged for our actions.

Read the column for yourself,

My Side of the Single Life is by book author Jae Henderson. Her inspirational romance novels, Someday, Someday, Too, and Forever and a Day are now available in ebook (Kindle and Nook) and paperback. Visit her at, and

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sexting for Idiots

Men say they think intelligence is sexy but I've never been asked to send a picture of my brain.
 --Jae Henderson

Sexting is at an all time high. There are even awareness campaigns and "how to" rules being developed to help people stay "correct" when sending nudie pictures. WHAT THE HELL! Let me calm down and explain my displeasure at this tom foolery.

When a sexting photo goes viral it is now being called SEXUAL EXPLOITATION.  Are you really a victim if you sent the photo? Did the other person exploit you or did you exploit yourself? I know you're saying I sent it to someone I trusted. Or perhaps your phone or laptop was stolen. THINGS HAPPEN...TRUST NO ONE. If you're going to send them at least cut the head off. We always want to blame someone else for the problems we create. 

A couple of years ago I heard La La Anthony during an interview say that all women should send their man naked pictures to keep him happy, the relationship exciting...or something to that effect. She's married so what she and Melo do is their business. But when dating or in a relationship what happens when things don't work out? Someone you're not with and often times no longer like has pictures of you with your assets hanging all out and no obligation to delete them.  It has been previously determined in a court of law that the pictures are a gift and as such he has the right to do with them what he wishes. That includes save them for all eternity for whatever personal and/or devious purposes he might choose.

Now let's talk about the babies....I've had the female children of friends and family members subjected to being taunted and teased unmercifully after some little boy showed their naked or underwear pictures to all his friends. It was a hard lesson learned. No child deserves to be called a slut, ho, etc. while riding on the bus to school. It's bullying at its finest by children who are being immature children. One friend even transferred his child to another school it got so bad. Some reports state that children have been left feeling suicidal after nude photos went viral. Yet, instead of telling children to stop this foolishness we give them rules in which to operate within the foolishness. How about I tell my daughter I will beat you until you have no private parts worthy of  revealing if you ever do that mess. Then, I will take your phone and smash it to smithereens! Try contacting a little boy on that. The phrase, "Can you hear me now?" will have a whole new meaning. Think dammit! Some things children just shouldn't do and embarrass themselves and their parents that way is one of them!

Back to the adults.....not to mention those times when you accidentally post the wrong picture online. I remember one young lady hit the wrong button and uploaded a picture of herself with a penis in her mouth on Facebook. It was passed all around the beauty/barber shop for the patrons to see. I didn't even know the chick. From my understanding, she was a regular there. EMBARASSING! Unless you are auditioning to do porn you probably shouldn't take pictures like that....IJS.  

When a guy asks me to send him a racy photo I politely decline. If he ever sees my birthday suit he should take a mental picture. I may acquiesce for my husband. Then you better believe he'll think I used to pull the head off my Barbies as a child because all of them will be without a face. Many a person has been ruined by an inappropriate photo being released at the most inopportune time. If you have an enemy they'll find it so I suggest you don't give them the ammo to use against you. 

Also, ladies if a guy asks you to do that and you just met him he doesn't respect you. Delete his number and keep it moving. What would make a man think I would send that to a perfect stranger. PERVERTED IDIOT! Call me a prude, I don't care but I prefer the term cautiously intelligent.

If you're interested in the rules of sharing your body parts using electronic devices click the link below.

Sidebar: Stop sending naked picture of your ex to your friends after ya'll break up. That's so freakin childish! Be warned ladies there is a website dedicated to this! Don't believe me....

Technology is supposed to make life easier, not harder. I guess it's easier to be stupid.  

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Saturday, March 23, 2013

What Turns You On?

We each have qualities that we like to see in the object of our affections. Certain things like sex appeal, intelligence, a nice body, and a nice smile kind of go without saying. Now, what about those things that go below the surface and require talent or are a little bit quirky. For instance, I’ve talked to women who like a man with a gap in between his two front teeth while others would suggest he see a dentist fast. There are men can appreciate and woman with hair on her legs and/or chest. While others will dare any woman they date to come within two inches of them without shaving her legs. Some don’t mind their lady having a mustache. I personally like the men I date to shave their chests. Ever since I read a book many moons ago about how it’s important to wash regularly because hair holds dirt I’ve been leery of men with unkempt body hair.  I ain’t kissing that because it probably has dirt, perspiration, and remnants of his lunch in it. There’s a reason we don’t part people’s hair and lick their scalps!

One turn on for me is a man who is good with his hands—a do it yourselfer, a Mr. Fix It, if you will. This is probably because I was raised around men like that. My father, my grandfather, and my uncles were/are do it yourselfers. I recognize this was more than likely a byproduct of poverty but who cares. If you don’t have the money to call a plumber you better find out how to unclog that drain full of hair or get that boo boo water out of the overflowing toilet yourself.  I grew accustomed to seeing men taking care of the upkeep of their vehicles and their homes themselves.  I find it attractive to see a man under the hood of the car, up on a ladder, cutting his grass, or plunging his heart out over my sink. His muscles are bulging, brow sweating, arms covered in grit and grime all in the name of saving a few bucks. It oozes of raw masculinity, control, and intelligence. As long as he doesn’t have his butt crack showing, I love it. 

The first time I dated a guy who told me that he didn’t know how to change his own oil or brakes I almost choked. I wondered if he was really a man. I thought stuff like that was in the How to Be a Man Handbook. Of course, as I matured I realized that in order for a man to know those things he has to have someone in his life to teach him or be extremely self-motivated to learn. That particular guy never really had a father-figure in his life but he still turned out to be a pretty good man. I would actually rank him in the top three of all of my boyfriends but he was forever doling out money for repairs. So being mechanically inclined doth not make 
the man, but it certainly makes me randy baby and saves me money in the process!

Tell me my sisters, what turns you on?

My Side of the Single Life is by book author Jae Henderson. Her inspirational romance novels, Someday, Someday, Too, and Forever and a Day are now available on Kindle and Nook. Visit her at, and

Tell me my sisters, what turns you on?