Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sexting for Idiots

Men say they think intelligence is sexy but I've never been asked to send a picture of my brain.
 --Jae Henderson

Sexting is at an all time high. There are even awareness campaigns and "how to" rules being developed to help people stay "correct" when sending nudie pictures. WHAT THE HELL! Let me calm down and explain my displeasure at this tom foolery.

When a sexting photo goes viral it is now being called SEXUAL EXPLOITATION.  Are you really a victim if you sent the photo? Did the other person exploit you or did you exploit yourself? I know you're saying I sent it to someone I trusted. Or perhaps your phone or laptop was stolen. THINGS HAPPEN...TRUST NO ONE. If you're going to send them at least cut the head off. We always want to blame someone else for the problems we create. 

A couple of years ago I heard La La Anthony during an interview say that all women should send their man naked pictures to keep him happy, the relationship exciting...or something to that effect. She's married so what she and Melo do is their business. But when dating or in a relationship what happens when things don't work out? Someone you're not with and often times no longer like has pictures of you with your assets hanging all out and no obligation to delete them.  It has been previously determined in a court of law that the pictures are a gift and as such he has the right to do with them what he wishes. That includes save them for all eternity for whatever personal and/or devious purposes he might choose.

Now let's talk about the babies....I've had the female children of friends and family members subjected to being taunted and teased unmercifully after some little boy showed their naked or underwear pictures to all his friends. It was a hard lesson learned. No child deserves to be called a slut, ho, etc. while riding on the bus to school. It's bullying at its finest by children who are being immature children. One friend even transferred his child to another school it got so bad. Some reports state that children have been left feeling suicidal after nude photos went viral. Yet, instead of telling children to stop this foolishness we give them rules in which to operate within the foolishness. How about I tell my daughter I will beat you until you have no private parts worthy of  revealing if you ever do that mess. Then, I will take your phone and smash it to smithereens! Try contacting a little boy on that. The phrase, "Can you hear me now?" will have a whole new meaning. Think dammit! Some things children just shouldn't do and embarrass themselves and their parents that way is one of them!

Back to the adults.....not to mention those times when you accidentally post the wrong picture online. I remember one young lady hit the wrong button and uploaded a picture of herself with a penis in her mouth on Facebook. It was passed all around the beauty/barber shop for the patrons to see. I didn't even know the chick. From my understanding, she was a regular there. EMBARASSING! Unless you are auditioning to do porn you probably shouldn't take pictures like that....IJS.  

When a guy asks me to send him a racy photo I politely decline. If he ever sees my birthday suit he should take a mental picture. I may acquiesce for my husband. Then you better believe he'll think I used to pull the head off my Barbies as a child because all of them will be without a face. Many a person has been ruined by an inappropriate photo being released at the most inopportune time. If you have an enemy they'll find it so I suggest you don't give them the ammo to use against you. 

Also, ladies if a guy asks you to do that and you just met him he doesn't respect you. Delete his number and keep it moving. What would make a man think I would send that to a perfect stranger. PERVERTED IDIOT! Call me a prude, I don't care but I prefer the term cautiously intelligent.

If you're interested in the rules of sharing your body parts using electronic devices click the link below.

Sidebar: Stop sending naked picture of your ex to your friends after ya'll break up. That's so freakin childish! Be warned ladies there is a website dedicated to this! Don't believe me....

Technology is supposed to make life easier, not harder. I guess it's easier to be stupid.  

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