Tuesday, March 12, 2013

There's An App for That??

In an effort to add transparency to sex and hopefully make people safer, a company has created an app that will allow your doctor to share vital test results. In the dating world this will be used to allow someone to view your STD status.

I took an unofficial poll on FB to see what others had to say about this. Some thought it was a good idea because it could help eliminate the hesitancy some couples experience when broaching the topic of STDs.

Perhaps, but I'm not feeling it. I wouldn't do it. It seems like an invasion of my privacy. If a man wants to know my status, he can ask. I'll give an honest answer. If he wants me to take a test, ask. If that's the direction we're headed I'll do it and show him the results. But to have it in an online data base is just too much for me. What if my doctor decides to drink his lunch that day and inputs the wrong info by mistake? Now I have some fool running around telling people I got "da cootie vapors".

Also, people are only going to allow the doc to update it while the prognosis is good. The day they get some bad news they'll ask him/her to stop making updates.....I guarantee it. I can hear it now. "Hold on doc. Wait until I get rid of these crabs and then you can put in my new results. I can't have the honies knowing I'm all my business." While in the meantime, someone is at home wondering why he/she is itching down there. "Im gone kill Tyrone! I knew I couldn't trust him!" 

Sorry, I wish the creators luck in this new attempt to advance safer sex but I'll pass. If I make the decision to have sex, my partner and I should be able to talk about it openly and honestly. I'll look at his test results after he tells me what they say. They better match or he's gonna have some 'splained to do.

Read the article about the app for yourself. Click here.  

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