Saturday, March 23, 2013

What Turns You On?

We each have qualities that we like to see in the object of our affections. Certain things like sex appeal, intelligence, a nice body, and a nice smile kind of go without saying. Now, what about those things that go below the surface and require talent or are a little bit quirky. For instance, I’ve talked to women who like a man with a gap in between his two front teeth while others would suggest he see a dentist fast. There are men can appreciate and woman with hair on her legs and/or chest. While others will dare any woman they date to come within two inches of them without shaving her legs. Some don’t mind their lady having a mustache. I personally like the men I date to shave their chests. Ever since I read a book many moons ago about how it’s important to wash regularly because hair holds dirt I’ve been leery of men with unkempt body hair.  I ain’t kissing that because it probably has dirt, perspiration, and remnants of his lunch in it. There’s a reason we don’t part people’s hair and lick their scalps!

One turn on for me is a man who is good with his hands—a do it yourselfer, a Mr. Fix It, if you will. This is probably because I was raised around men like that. My father, my grandfather, and my uncles were/are do it yourselfers. I recognize this was more than likely a byproduct of poverty but who cares. If you don’t have the money to call a plumber you better find out how to unclog that drain full of hair or get that boo boo water out of the overflowing toilet yourself.  I grew accustomed to seeing men taking care of the upkeep of their vehicles and their homes themselves.  I find it attractive to see a man under the hood of the car, up on a ladder, cutting his grass, or plunging his heart out over my sink. His muscles are bulging, brow sweating, arms covered in grit and grime all in the name of saving a few bucks. It oozes of raw masculinity, control, and intelligence. As long as he doesn’t have his butt crack showing, I love it. 

The first time I dated a guy who told me that he didn’t know how to change his own oil or brakes I almost choked. I wondered if he was really a man. I thought stuff like that was in the How to Be a Man Handbook. Of course, as I matured I realized that in order for a man to know those things he has to have someone in his life to teach him or be extremely self-motivated to learn. That particular guy never really had a father-figure in his life but he still turned out to be a pretty good man. I would actually rank him in the top three of all of my boyfriends but he was forever doling out money for repairs. So being mechanically inclined doth not make 
the man, but it certainly makes me randy baby and saves me money in the process!

Tell me my sisters, what turns you on?

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Tell me my sisters, what turns you on?

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