Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Dear Ray J: Negro Puhleeeeease!

And the Negro Puhleeeeeeease Award for this month goes to Ray J! I’m behind on my current events posts but I just had to add my two cents on Ray J’s latest failed attempt at musical success, “I Hit it First”. If he was going to put out such a tasteless song the least he could do was make it worth listening to. The song is horrible and it is because of that reason it left as quickly as it came. It seems that rather than generating record sales and airplay longer than two days, all it generated was ire and backlash for its creator. Ray J quickly went in damage control mode and claimed that the song wasn’t about Kim. Negro Puhleeeeeease! Sorry sir, but nobody bought that crap! The cover for the single was a pixelated picture of Kim in a bikini. Did you really think that no one would catch that? I think the song is incredible disrespectful to a woman he once loved or at least cared for. It makes me wonder if Kim did something to upset him other than move on and become a huge success. Did she possibly break his little heart? Who knows.

Furthermore, recent reports have stated that Ray J is engaged. If that’s true and if I were his fiancee I would be livid that he was investing that much time and energy into an ex-girlfriend. She should be the only woman he’s singing about. 

In my opinion, the best part of this entire ordeal was that Kim nor Kanye made any public comments about the song. That would only have added fuel to the fire and given Ray J exactly what he wants—attention. Kanye who is known for his outbursts exercised restraint and censorship when it was most needed. As a fellow artist, he could have done a response song and annihilated Ray J since he is far more talented and successful. Although I have a feeling Kanye’s not going to let him get away with this. He’s just being methodical about how he comes for his throat.

Others celebrities have gotten revenge successfully when attacked by other artists. I will never forget when Mariah Carey kicked Eminem’s butt with her hit “Obsessed” as a response to his frequent referrals to their brief courtship.  She even put a character with some resemblance to Eminen  in the video. Later, reports came out that their courtship was brief and the two didn’t even have sex. They must have shared one heck of a kiss for Em to continue to talk about her after she was married to Nick Cannon. That song stayed at the top of the charts for weeks! I’m sure Christina Aguilera and Brittany Spears, two other women Eminem attacked in songs for no apparent reason, jumped for joy.

I hope Ray J finds what he needs to be at peace with himself. The song made him appear jealous, immature, petty, and bitter. It also makes you wonder if he did release their sex tape to catapult his career, which he denies. If so, it backfired and made Kim and her entire immediate family a multi-million dollar sensation and him that dude she used to mess with. I guess his reality shows “For the Love of Ray J” and “A Family Business” wasn’t enough to quench his thirst for entertainment domination.

So, Dear Ray J: Just like every man who is still rocking cornrows, I need you to let it go and move on to something else. You're too cute to behave so ugly.

Although I don’t like what he did I don’t hate Ray J. Once upon a time I really enjoyed his music. Here’s a some links to a couple of my favorite songs by him, One Wish and the one he did with Lil, Kim, Wait a Minute. They're much better than that garbage he just release,which I refuse to post. You'll have to Google that one on your own.

One Wish

Wait A Minute 

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