Monday, May 6, 2013

Rainy Day Inspirations

I don’t write poetry often but I was inspired by the rain beating against my window recently. Enjoy!


I took a stroll in the rain today
I wanted to feel the tears of God cascade down my body as I shed my own
I needed Him to wash away the pain I felt because of the things that man said and did to me
The lies
The empty promises
Meaningful words like future, love, mine that he threw about so carelessly
I took a stroll in the rain today
The cold wetness didn’t compare to the chill I felt when I realized that I was alone yet again
Alone isn’t so bad but lonely is torture
Starting over is the last thing I want to do
I took a stroll in the rain today
My heart hummed a song
The rain as it hit the ground kept time
The cars whizzing by were my off key band
My feet as they trudged along added timbre
My song was sad with a twinge of hope
No one heard it but me and God
I took a stroll in the rain today 
So I could ask God a question
He said you always pray and ask me to remove the men from your life who aren’t right for you
Then when I do you cry
I took a stroll in the rain today
To feel God’s embrace as He kept me safe

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