Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Mimi Faust: Negro Puhleeeeease!

I haven’t done a Negro Puhleeeeease Award in a while and after seeing the trailer for the sex tape by Mimi Faust of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta and Nikko Smith, her fiancĂ© or boyfriend depending on who you ask, I felt compelled to distribute one. The award goes to Ms. Mimi Faust. Yes, I realize that she wasn’t on that tape by herself but she is the draw. No one really knew who he was before she started publicly dating him.

I have never been a fan of porn. I personally believe that sex is a beautiful act that should be privately shared by two people, not put on display for the entertainment of others.  I come from the school of thought that you should be a lady in public but when you get home you throw on your stilettos, shut the bedroom door and show your husband why marrying you was one of the smartest decisions of his life. How you two work it out is nobody’s business. Yes, I watched the video. What can I say, curiosity got the best of me. After seeing  a million posts about it I wanted to see what the hype was about and why shower rods were all of a sudden a hot topic. I only have one word to say about what I saw…INTERESTING. However, my dislike of porn is not even one of the reasons I find her decision to do the video an EPIC FAIL.

Reason #1

Mimi looks desperate and money hungry. This seems like a by any means necessary attempt to keep herself relevant and on the payroll of LHHATL. Now that the Steebie J love triangle is no longer a viable story line she needs something to keep her name on the lips of their viewers and in doing so she ups the amount of money the network is willing to offer her to stay on the show. I’m sure this was also a business decision but instead of using your newfound fame like other reality stars to start a clothing or accessory line, endorse weave, become a highly sought after speaker, or launch an acting career Ms. Mimi decides to take her clothes off, show off her boob job,  and give people a reason to reinforce the shower rods in their bathroom. I am sure all the hardware stores will thank you. The hospital ER’s will thank you for the extra patients they can bill when those who are stupid enough to think that a standard rod will hold them come limping in. I think Mimi is chasing Kim Kardashian dreams. If you check the stats ,KK has been the only reality star who was able to take her exposed assets and translate them into a long-lasting multi-million dollar empire. Paris Hilton who? (But she was already insanely rich) Maybe Mimi’s just after quick money but at any rate, I don’t think she thought this out properly.  Her sweet, classy, Steebie J chose trash over treasure persona has been shattered and ground into powder. Not that, that was making her any money either.

Reason #2

Mimi did the video with her fiancĂ© or boyfriend. Which is it?? I know you’re probably thinking at least she wasn’t with some random dude who gets paid to spread himself around. TRUE but in doing it with the man she loves and goes home to every night she also showed millions of women what he is working with. If he was getting any play before (hasn’t he already been accused  of cheating multiple times) get ready for that to be magnified times 100. I hope she believes in open marriages because after working in entertainment for over 10 years I have seen more than my fair share of married celebrities find someone other than their wives to accompany them after they finished working. Celebrities have a plethora of options and their options are some of the most beautiful women on the planet who are attracted to sexy, rich (or seemingly rich), famous men. Now that everyone has gotten a good view of Mr. Hung Like A Horse the ladies are going to be coming at him like mosquitoes at a bonfire on a hot summer night in Mississippi. If she was going to do it, it probably would have been better if she had done it with someone she had no emotional attachment to. Then, all the new attention would be a non-factor.  I will be surprised if they make it to the altar. If they make it past two years of marriage I will be hyperventilating.

Reason #3

She has a young daughter. What appalls me most is that Mimi chose to do this and she is raising a young woman. This does not set a good example. Although, she is too young to know what is going on she is old enough to perceive when something is wrong. Not everyone has tact nor are they respectful and I guarantee you that some people will come up to Mimi and tell her how much they enjoyed the show when she is in the grocery store with her daughter picking out her favorite cereal or celebrating her birthday at Chuck E. Cheese.  They may not use the most PC of language either. Not to mention, the people who will loudly tell her exactly what they think of her when she is out in public and in earshot of the little one.  I shudder to think how this will all impact her child. If she finds a sex video on her future teenage daughter’s iPhone25, she won’t be able to tell her nuthin’. She might even find that her daughter did a few of her moves. I get it from my momma will have a whole new meaning. Also, let's face it there is no way to hide this. Somebody is going to tell the young'un how her mother takes her clothes off for money before she stops being young enough to play in the sandbox.

The Bible says the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil ( 1 Timothy 6:10), and I hope Mimi is ready for the consequences that will come with her decision. It also says that a beautiful woman with no discretion is like a gold ring in a pig’s snout (Proverbs 11:22). Well Ms. Mimi, you got pig snot all over you.
I know some of you are saying that I am hating, but I’m not. What I am doing is pointing out the flaws I see in her decision to make that porno. Now, I’m actually going to wish her the best. What’s done is done and I hope she makes enough money to where she NEVER does this again. CONGRATULATIONS! Enjoy your award Ms. Mimi. I’ll say a prayer for you.

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