Monday, July 21, 2014

The Ex That Won’t Be Forgotten (By Others)

Reggie Bush wed his baby mama, Lilit Avagyn, last week. I’m sure they would have preferred that the day be all about them but of course all of the media outlets not only mentioned that he dated Kim Kardashian and how long they dated but they also talked about how much Lilit resembled Kim Kardashian. The media even went so far as to mention the proximity of the birth of their daughter and Kim’s daughter, North West. I’ll admit that they do resemble. There is no denying that. But how many of us have been through a similar situation.  Months or maybe even years after you and  (insert name here) part ways people keep asking about him. They want to know how he is doing. When’s the last time you’ve seen or talked to him? What happened between you two, and if there is any hope for reconciliation? If it was a painful break up such inquiries by people who most times mean no harm don’t help. You wonder when will they let it go? For me, it was my college sweetheart. My family loved him and don’t get me wrong I did too at one time. But when it was over, I needed everyone to move on. I had one particular family member that still asked about him years after our break up and one day when he asked what he was up to I finally said, “He’s probably busy with his girlfriend.” He got the point and never asked about him again.

In the case of Reggie, he and Lilit have been together since 2011 and have a daughter together but people still mention his ex. I’m sure Lilit wishes they would stop because she’s the one who got the man, the ring, and the baby.  Did the fact that she looks like Kim have anything to do with it? Possibly. Or perhaps white women with big boobs and long black hair of Armenian descent are just Reggie’s type.I don't know and I really don't care. If Lilit is okay with the fact that she resembles his ex why is the rest of the world harping on it. I wonder if he's ever made a mistake and called her Kim. However, I don’t see anybody pointing out the similarities between Kanye and Reggie.They are both dark-skinned African Americans with gorgeous smiles who are worth a lot of money. As a matter of fact, Ray J was dark-skinned too. 

Anyway….let it go people. You don’t hear Kim or Reggie mentioning each other. It’s time for the media to stop and let both couples carve out their history together without the constant reminders of past relationships. Congratulations Reggie and Lilit! I wish you years of non-Kim and Kanye comparison happiness but don’t hold your breath. 

And to anyone else experiencing the ex that others won't forget I suggest that you buy several cans of silly string and use an entire can on whoever keeps bringing up ole what's-his/her-face. Make sure you get it in their hair real good!

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