Monday, August 18, 2014

Selfish With My Selfies

I'm blue without you!
Because I look young I tend to get a lot of attention from men in their 20’s. I don’t have a problem dating a younger man if he exhibits some maturity. However, there is one request I get a lot more from the young'uns than I get from men around my age or older.  It is send me a picture.  It’s a simple request and with the invention of cell phones with cameras it is easy to accommodate. However, for someone who doesn’t think they are very photogenic or just really isn’t into the whole selfie thing this can be a daunting task. Yes, I take selfies but not often. Although, I am trying to do better.  I personally don’t see the point unless I am doing something special or am located someplace that warrants a picture to immortalize the moment. Or perhaps I have a special message I would like to send. Such as the one to the left. It’s old and my former significant other got a kick out of it because he loves art. Also, the fact that I didn’t send pics often made it even more special. I would much rather send one or two professional photos that I think I look really good in and then whenever the man I am dating starts to miss me he can pull out that same picture and gaze upon my face. What's so special about me sending him a real time selfie?

I have over 500 pictures on my Facebook page. I have Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. Why can’t he just go on my pages and look at those? That’s what I do. I don’t need to get new ones constantly. Well evidently many men do because I get asked to send a picture that's NOT on my pages. Why must I stop what I am doing and send a picture so he can see what I look like and what I am doing at that particular time? I guess he wants to feel special. Men should know that you're special if I communicate with you on a regular basis!

Also, if I’m looking particularly cute that day I won’t want to send him a picture because I might decide to wear that outfit on a future date and now he’s already seen it and the impact of my entrance will be lessened. If I had it my way he would just wait until the next time he sees me. They says absence makes the heart grow fonder. SIGH

Yes, I realize that I should be flattered that a man is thinking of me and that I have the kind of face he would like to see often. Like I said, I am trying to do better and I know that in order to have a successful relationship you must be willing to compromise. However, my attitude about selfies isn't going to change over night. I'll just have to take it one snapshot at a time. But any man who dates me should probably know that  I am not a big selfie taker. 

Am I the only one who feels this way? How do you politely tell a man you really don’t want to send him pictures of yourself all the time? Maybe I can talk any future suitors into once every other week.

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