Monday, September 15, 2014

R.I.P. Simone Battle: I Wish She Had Loved Herself to Life

I recently heard the news of the suicide by pop singer Simone Battle. Immediately my heart ached for her. Don’t get me wrong, my heart ached for Robin Williams too but somehow as I stared into the eyes of this beautiful young woman, on a photograph on my computer screen, I was impacted. I wanted to know what happened to her and began scouring the net for any information I could find. One publication said she was facing financial woes.

I watched her videos. She was a former contestant on X Factor and a member of the girl group G.R.L. It appears that G.R.L., dubbed the new Pussy Cat Dolls, was just beginning to garner some major attention. They had a video with rapper Pitbull and their new single "Ugly Heart" was #2 on the Australian charts. What could have been tugging on this young woman's heart and mind so terribly that she thought the only answer was to end her life? She was only 25! There was so much more for her to experience. I wondered if she called anyone to talk about what she was going through. It couldn’t have been that bad. Was she having a moment of irrational hysteria? I can’t say what happened but what I do know is depression and mental illness are real. I’ve battled with depression myself and although I’ve never had suicidal thoughts I have had moments where I wondered if anyone cared or really loved me. I wondered why I was here and what purpose I could possibly have. These moments of worthlessness would come after a break up, a fight with a friend, when I felt lonely and unwanted, and especially after the death of my mother. I wondered that if I suddenly died how long would it be before someone realized that they hadn’t heard from me and bothered to come to my home and find my body. Sad, right? I know. But that’s exactly was depression is an intense state of sadness that looms over you like a bad haircut. It impacts lives across the country and has claimed many of them.

If Simone had held on a little longer she may have won a Grammy, gone on a world tour or founded a charitable organization for other young women battling depression. What she was about to do in her career thousands if not millions of women would have loved to experience. I know there are some ugly sides to fame but if that was what was bothering her there is always a way out. If it was about finances when compared to a life we must remember, it truly is only money.

Miss Simone Battle, I wish I could have talked to you and made you look forward to tomorrow rather than dread it. I would have given you a hug and told you that it was going to be okay. I’d hand you Kleenex and grab you by the hand and get you out of the house. Maybe we’d go see a movie, dance in the park to a street musician’s tune or just sit and talk about everything and nothing. Whatever you were going through there were people who could help you and you didn’t have to go through it alone. Some people say I love you to death but I would have attempted to show you how to love you to life. 

The present is such a beautiful place to be. It truly is a gift and it isn’t one that we should decide to give back before its time. We may never know why Simone Battle committed suicide but what we do know is that the world is a little bit dimmer because her bright smile is no longer in it. Rest in peace my beautiful sister.
If you ever have suicidal thoughts, please before you do the irreversible, reach out to at least three people. They can be people you know or even people you don’t know. Someone who can tell you just how valuable you are.
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

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