Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Boo Season: Bah Humbug!

Originally Published 09/26/2010

It’s fall and Facebook is a buzz with posts about Boo Season and how it’s the time to find someone to keep you warm during the winter months. I guess this isn’t a new concept.  But it seems odd to give it a name and a brand. Call me green but I never thought people would actually seek out someone just for this time of year, but it’s understandable. No one wants to spend Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve alone. I can see how an extra gift under the Christmas tree and someone to kiss when the clock strikes midnight to signify a new year would be appealing. Let’s not forget Valentine’s Day. That highly commercialized day when people are supposed to flock to the stores and spend obscene amounts of money to prove their love for the object of their affections. No woman wants to admit she didn’t get a thing because she had no one to give her anything.

But why do people treat being single like it’s an incurable venereal disease? With the alarming rate of divorces, the staggering number of illegitimate babies being born each year, the escalation of HIV in the African American community and people who change significant others like they change underwear I think it’s safe to say that some people may have been better off alone at certain periods in their lives. For them having a boo, even if it was for just one night, probably didn’t turn out the way they thought it would.


Right now, I’m cool with being single but I know there will come a time when I’ll long for constant companionship. Human beings are not meant to be alone, but I don’t believe having a man just for the sake of having a man would be wise, at least not for me. I’m almost certain it would end in heart ache and pain. Although, it might reduce my urge to change the station when that depressing song “What Do The Lonely Do At Christmas?” escapes my speakers or stay inside my home when V-Day rolls around. I used to say if I ever met Cupid I would tear off his wings, break all his arrows and pour ice in his diaper. Then would follow a painful interrogation period about why he hasn’t hit someone with his arrows on my behalf. (LOL) But back to Boo Season….what happens when spring hits, the weather improves, we all escape our winter lairs with less clothes and less inhibitions. More than likely the man I thought loved me will reveal that he wants to be free to explore other options but his time with me has been fun. Boo Season all of a sudden turns into BOO HOO season and I will have to come to grips with the fact that I allowed myself to be used. I think I’ll boycott Boo Season. Instead, if I start to get lonely I’ll….hell I don’t know what I’ll do. I’ll figure that out when it happens. To those of you who choose to participate, I wish you good luck and warm nights accompanied by a great game of footsie.

Whoever started Boo Season needs to go see a psychiatrist. It’s obvious they have a co-dependency issue. (-: 

Next week I'll give you an update on where my stance lies on Boo Season in 2014.  

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  1. Reading this I found it very hilariously and quite cute. I should adopt your flirting tricks because I suck a lot in that department.