Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Da Love Ink: To Cover Or Not To Cover

Small, medium, or massive we all know a guy or gal, for that matter, who has a tattoo dedicated to their ex inked on them. This artistic expression of what was once love can be a little unsettling for the new Boo or it might not bother them at all. I personally, can deal with it while we are dating if it's not too big and is usually covered by clothing. However, if we jump the broom it has to go. Why? She is his past and I'm his present and future. I don't want to be reminded of his past every time I see him with no clothes. Although, people whose spouse kept the tattoo tell me that after a while you forget it's there. Awww Okay! 

I would hope the object of my affections would do it without me having to ask but I'm not above asking. I'm sure many people wonder why wasn't it done right after the split but the only people I’ve seen who got their tats covered up right after the split are celebrities. The average person walking around on the street usually waits a few years. I once met a guy whose right arm was largely dedicated to his ex-wife. It had her face and everything. When I asked what he planned to do about that, his answer was pretty much, “nothing”.  As far as he was concerned, all of his tattoos represented moments and experiences in his life and his marriage was a pivotal one. Well, it’s his arm and I'm sure covering that up would cost a pretty penny. 

When someone takes the time and money to cover up their skin shrine to the former goddess or god of their heart, it’s safe to say that the love affair is truly over. See the example of  Nick Cannon and his dedication to Mariah Carey

My advice is don't get any identifying tattoos with names, initials, faces, etc. If you stick to symbols of love, if it ends no one will be the wiser and you can save the cover up fees. 

What are your thoughts? Would you be okay with your love bug or spouse having a tattoo of someone they were once involved with? 


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