Thursday, June 18, 2015

A Peom: Inside My Mind

I was feeling poetic today. Enjoy!

When I stare into your eyes I don’t know what to think
But then again I’m not thinking
I’m just being
I’m just breathing
I’m just soaking up the joy of being in your presence
My eyes are dry because I refuse to blink
Afraid that I may miss some of the magnificent things you do like smile, lick your lips, or speak
That voice it makes me so weak
It sounds like melodic tunes in the month of June played in the park while I enjoy an ice cream cone with nuts  
 Aaaaaah so refreshing
Your words are sheer poetry as they escape those perfectly formed lips evoking eargasms and body spasms 
I am in love with you and you don't even know I exist 
I don’t dare speak what’s on my mind for fear of rejection
I’d rather just fantasize about what you would say
Because inside my mind you never turn me down
My advances are welcomed with hugs and kisses and professing of your reciprocated love
Yep it really does feel good loving somebody when somebody loves you back
And that’s a fact
But could this reality ever exist outside my head
I’ll never know because I’m not that brave
 I’ll continue to love you inside my mind where each and every day you are all mine